Oncology and Cytogenetic Products

We the company

OaCP is a company active in the Advanced Diagnostics and Research in many areas of application (Biomedical, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, in Public Health, Universities and Institutions, public and private, with a new generation of diagnostic and therapeutic purposes ).


OaCP aims to become a reference point for the "tomorrow" Diagnostics and Research.


This is due to the steady stare to the future, to continue research and development of new products and applications and valuable partnerships.


Our Mission

Cancer afflict patients with the anguish of waiting for a diagnosis.

We kill that anguish by reducing the time for the diagnostic tests.


To help all the cancer patients we need to bring our products all around the world, being the top player in the diagnostic market.



We are currently establishing a collaboration with:

  • Bologna University,
  • Leading companies in molecular biology,

Our distributors


Resnova S.R.L.


Funakoshi Co Ltd